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About our Tempeh Starter

Our tempeh starters are produced, quaranteed, and tested, to survive longer shipping time (weeks), in any climate, without losing long-term potency. We quaranty this!
Our Tempeh Starter Kits are professional packed in food grade foil pouches, double heat sealed.

Our tempeh starter contains the purest form of Rhizopus Oligosporus and Rhyzopus Oryzae spores, a mixture which only can be obtained after a complicated process, is highly potent, is free of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella, and Lab Results certificate from our latest batches are on our website.

We are producing tempeh starters for more then 3 generations, our products are more compatible, cheaper,safe,and very potent. Never a complain was issued via our customer services, or other authorities, this, our reviews, and our certification, is enought proof for our growing, loyal, and always returning customers. We stand for our products,

Our starter is made from GMO-free products, is gluten, Soy, and dairy free. Our starters are Halal, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We use as starter medium organic sterile rice powder.

We produce tempeh starter at modern western style facilities with high tech equipment, and not, as some tempeh starter sellers are suggesting " rubbing hibiscus leaves together with tempeh starter ". This traditional way is used in the villages, but not at modern facilities as ours. This comments are unjustified and only used to increase their own sales.

Since we are located at the source of all tempeh producers worldwide, we simply can produce starter much stronger and cheaper than anyone else.

25 grams tempehstarter, which makes 28 Lbs of Tempeh.

The Government is regular checking all tempeh starter producers on quality, since tempeh is a main stable food locally.

Our production facilities, and storage rooms, are regularly inspected by the local Health Department officials.

Fermentation process & Safety

Fermented foods products have a very good safety record, even in developing countries where food is produced under poor hygienic conditions.
In Indonesia example, tempeh is produced in open air, since the temperature is exactly between F85-F89) and made in Hibiscus leaves, and packed in banana leaves.

If the tempeh is spoiled and too ripe, (there will be a very strong smell of ammonia), it is used to make "Tauco" another local delicatesse.
From experience, tauco can be stored a long time for many years, and will not be damaged or spoiled during storage with contamination of bacteria, so you can see how strong tempeh is, if the tempeh culture is very potent!

The Tempeh slabs will be fast overgrowned by desirable and edible microorganisms, thereby reducing the risk of contamination with other bacteria.

The soybeans, during fermentation, will be soaked by natural liquid lactic acids, or by adding an artificial addition of acids (lactic or acetic acid, vinegar) after the soaking process.

During the fermentation of the tempeh, the lactic acids will change the soy structure in the beans, and it is transformed into a natural, complex formula, which produces e.g. vitamin B-12 and other vital minerals we need. Tempeh is, because the structure of this totally complex process, a delicious healthy food product with the needed vitaman 12, and other minerals we daily need.

" The only Soy is fermented Soy " is our motto!

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We offer Wise.com Payments at checkout. Our Tempeh Starter stays potent for months and years! Shipping is depending on location Visit our F.A.Q. section for more Information and Questions.

How to make homemade Tempeh?

We provide clear instructions how to use our tempeh starter, and make perfect white tempeh in no time. Do not spent a fortune in Healh Stores, make your own tempeh at home now !

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Our Tempeh Starter is of the highest quality and produced perfect white tempeh. Our starter is very potent, so you will need a small amount to produce a lot of Tempeh, this also saves on shipping costs. Please visit our shopping basket for more fermentation and yeast products, as Ragi Peuyeum (fermented Casava),Rice wine yeast, Ragi Ketan (fermented   black rice) and more...

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