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Hi. I love your product. I recently wrote a blog describing how to make tempeh and mention you as the source of my starter. You can see it at http://www.foodtransformations.com/…/06/homemade-tempeh.html
Thank you for a great product and great service -- Roger

Hi All: Here is the results of the chickpea tempeh. 4 boxes now in the cooler. Will remove from boxes tomorrow and vacuum pack them in individual channelized food grade plastic bags. Took a while to learn how to do it but had a expert in Indonesia giving me advice. His name is Andre and he is my chief supplier of tempeh yeast starter. Indopal.com Bob Thanks as always for your kind word, and working on out of the box ideas with tempeh starters. -- Bob from Thailand

Kombucha tarragon-thyme-basal and roasted garlic sauce drizzled over grilled tempeh steaks and served with brown rice, broccoli and various lacto fermented veggies. ( Jeremy ). Boy looks like dining in an fancy veggian resto !_ Jeremy

Robert from Canada wrote : Have bought some of your tempeh starters and I'm pleased with the results I'v been getting. herewith you'll find attached some photos of my latest version ! This time version ( because I try many variance....) is made with a combination of 2/3 soya beans + 1/3 of cooked sprouted Lima beans added with Kombu seaweed ( the black init) and 100g of fresh ginger that was finely chopped in a food robot ! thought you may like to add some customer photos for your Facebook page or other usage to your taste ! from those photos, the thick part is about 50-55mm and each cut sections are +/- 150gr !!--Robert from Canada I hope you and your business are doing very well.

Almost 2 years ago I ordered some tempeh starter from you for Imas restaurant here in Palawan, Philippines. They were very happy with it, and until now they have been using it. Even after 2 years it is still good (amazing!) But now they are running out of starter and I need to order more for them.- John Philippines
I ordered tempeh starter about 2 years ago, too. Great starter. Made amazing batches of tempeh. Kept mine in the fridge,just ordered another 75G starter and looking forward to getting it! Thanks Joan--USA

got a message from Robert from US telling us : Cap Jago Tempeh starter is the best starter i ever used ! thanks Robert, please do send us pictures. -- RObert USA

Marco, from Mexico wrote : "Check my first batch of Tempeh Dont have strong or unpleasant odor Have a lot of micelyum " Marco-Mexico

Awesome starter for soy-based or soy-free tempeh. Keeps in the freezer for months without any issue and results in consistently delicious tempeh. Excellent service, all emailed questions are answered, and the goods are quickly shipped. The delivery depends on customs (could be stuck for a week or 2, but in my case this caused no problem on starter quality). Thank you!!!-Fred

I knew I wanted to make my own tempeh so I ordered this company's starter. The very first time I made it, it worked! Now I make tempeh regularly and we always have tempeh jerky on hand for a healthy snack made with organic soybeans. I also make pinto bean tempeh to put on our salads as a protein source instead of meat. Love it!! -- Suzanne

have been receiving wonderful advice from Andre regarding the problems to produce a good chickpea tempeh.We are making some progress and feel we will be successful in the near future. Their starter yeasts are very good and I highly recommend them--Bob

Great company excellent service, great starters/cultures, all products come with clear instructions also you can write them for further info. Shipments are stardard but very reliable, well packed, they include the invoice to help customs in the clearance IndoPal´s Tempeh starter have a pleasant odor and pownder color is very uniform; included instrucions says there is a necessary "learning curve" which its true as soon you made your first batch you will notice some things you should done better and those things are easy to correct Starter is very potent I innoculated my soy with a few amount and in less than 13 hours a thinn layer of mycellium start to grow in 24 hrs there was a lot!-- Marco

Andre: Hello. Hope you you yours are very well. I only just recently was able to get back to making the Tempeh. It came out amazing. Is is so darn good, I cannot get enough of it!!!! Thank you again.Pamela (US).

I am ordering your excellent product on behalf of a restaurant, same as before (August 2013, July 2015, June 2016). Thank you! ( Sam, Phillippines )

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We provide clear instructions how to use our tempeh starter, and make perfect white tempeh in no time. Do not spent a fortune in Healh Stores, make your own tempeh at home now !

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Our Tempeh Starter is of the highest quality and produced perfect white tempeh. Our starter is very potent, so you will need a small amount to produce a lot of Tempeh, this also saves on shipping costs. Please visit our shopping basket for more fermentation and yeast products, as Ragi Peuyeum (fermented Casava),Rice wine yeast, Ragi Ketan (fermented   black rice) and more...

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