Aspergillus Oryzae Special for Soft and Hard Cheeses

  • Manufactured by: Ragi IndoPal


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Did you know our Aspergillus oryzae is the secret ingredient for making soft and hard cheeses? Adding Koji Kin (Aspergillus oryzae), and the impact of koji.

As an example 2 Blue cheeses were made using the same ingredients and process at the same time. In terms of appearance, the koji Kin encourages more blue mold growth- This is because the amylase enzymes generated by the koji convert starch to sugar making it more readily available for bacteria and molds. A similar effect with yeast when adding shio koji to bread dough. The koji also increases the cheesy umami flavor - This is because the protease enzymes generated by koji break down proteins into amino acids, including the umami rich glutamine.

Finally the cheeses with this koji seem to age faster- a 6 week blue cheese tastes like a 3 month one without koji The same effect in other cheeses, produce koji Kin Rice, using our Aspergillus Oryzae, grind it, and sprinkle it into cheeses at the same time as the salt.

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