Tofu (Tahu ) Starter 40 Gr. Raprima

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Tofu or Tahu Starter ( Coagulant Magnesium Sulfate)

1 Package Tofu Starter contains 40 Gr.

1 package produces 2 batches of Soymilk made from 1 Lbs Soybeans.

Tofu is soy milk that has been coagulated with the addition of a harmless chemical. (Incidentally the kanji characters for tofu literally mean fermented beans, but tofu is not fermented in any way - at least as it's made currently.)

Our Tofu Starter is of the highest foodgrade certified quality, and represents the original taste of Asian Tofu.

We provide you with detailed instructions how to make this delicious tofu in order to enjoy dishes ttles of this fine product.

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